1st Main Course Etheric body

1st course of the Main Department “Liberation of consciousness”: Etheric Body

Etheric Body

Sensations are that instrument through which a person receives information about the outside world. Consequently, any practitioner of magic should skilfully master all the techniques of working with sensations. From this, we begin.

1st Main Course – Etheric Body
4 days of basic classes for the 1st year of the Main department “Liberation of Consciousness». 


At this step, students of Menshikova School:

• Study the sevenfold structure of consciousness
• Enhance the skill of quick concentration of attention
• Improve impaired health and turn on an automatic system of body self-regulation (the body should help, not interfere)
• Study the structure of their own inner world and prepare themselves for further transformation
• Receive protection of their energy and information field
• Master the following basic techniques:
I am as I am”
“Chakral Breathing”
“Quick Energy Pick Up”
“Connecting the Matrix”.

1st course of the Main Department consists of:
– Main course. 4 Basics Lessons.  Duration: 4 days for 3 hours. Admission: free.
7 Additional modules. Duration of each seminar: 1 day for 3 hours. Admission: Main course. Day 1-4 completed

The following seminars are the additional modules of the 1st course (available only after completion of the 4 days of  the Main course):

 Augmentation of the Etheric body

 Correction of the Prenatal Development

 Chakral Breathing

Energetic Damages

 Money-1: Energetic prosperity levels 

 Health Through the Power of the Elements

The Power of Totem

 This seminars course is available in online-group and for self-study.

The pre-recorded VIDEO in English will be available soon.

In order to participate in online group session or to purchase pre-recorded videos contact school coordinator Diana – diana@mage.scool. 

Textbook for the 1st course of Main Department: Etheric Body – “Intricacies of Fate: or What Dimension Do You Live In?

Learning rules for the 1st course of Main Department: Etheric Body 
Admission is free, without a preliminary interview.

Most frequently asked questions from students.


What is the Etheric body? 

The Etheric body is the first subtle body after the “dense” physical one. The Etheric body is connected to it and is dependent on it. In order to be convinced of the connection between the Etheric and Physical bodies, it is enough to remember your sensations when you were sick, for example. What sensations did you have? Practically, no sensations. Fatigue, apathy, and no desire to interact with the surrounding reality. When in this state, what one wants is to turn off the phone, close the blinds and reduce the number of contacts to a necessary minimum. on the contrary, when the body is healthy, one craves bright sunlight, movement, and conversation.

This demonstrates that sensation plays an important role basically determining one’s ability to move, change, and simply live. 

The Etheric body exists as the effect or consequence of the functioning physical body. The cells in our bodies die off and are reborn every minute. Blood is flowing in the veins, and the heart is beating. The lungs are breathing, and the nervous system regulates the process like a central computer. It also accepts input from the outside world through the sensory network: vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste. The more sensitive the human body is to the outside influences, the greater the workload dealt with by the nervous system, the greater the energy released by this holistic and well-oiled “operation” that is the human physical body.
This entire wondrous, well-oiled, universal, self-regulating and self sustaining system works day and night solely for the purpose of pumping out clean, saturated energy and sending it to the Etheric body. Thereby offloading it into the “body of sensations” just like finished products are sorted at a warehouse. There, they have their own form of quality control (QC), of course, that either accepts or refuses energy according to its own”special” instructions, which we will touch upon later. 

What is the Etheric body

What is this Etheric body for?

The Etheric body accumulates this energy. It thickens and condenses it; it packages this energy and adds on special markings. And all of this just to guarantee the existence of consciousness: the organ of the highest power, the organ that makes the decisions, the organ that justifies actions.

An indicator of a functioning factory is the product it releases. When a factory produces products it is an indicator that it’s functioning. The indicator that a physical body is working, is the sensations it feels. 

The Etheric body reflects the state of health of the physical body, and it simultaneously determines it. Let me explain. 

If you stub toe, for example, then the intense sensation (pain) in the form of a powerful energetic impulse makes itself felt. The general energetic state of the organism experiences a distortion –  in some spots the sensation is stronger than in others.  The same quality checker quickly detects the source of the malfunctioning and issues a command to eliminate it. Thus, the mechanism of self-regulation turns on, and the pain subsides with time. Next, the repair team takes care of the consequences and the quality control passes the information about the cause of the malfunction to the entity above. This way, a person forms knowledge and experience.

The same happens with any other type of dysfunction within the organism. A powerful outburst of pain speaks of serious failure in the functioning of your “factory” (a crash). General malaise speaks of a decrease in power, while halted functioning of some important part can put the entire system at risk. 

This way, thanks to its sensations, your body secures its safety, and supports health. And as unpleasant as pain may be, it is important for maintaining the stable functioning of the entire organism. If the painful response to trauma is absent, the offending agent can become so intense that the damage becomes incompatible with life. A decreased sensitivity is dangerous for one’s health. 

Thus, by increasing the sensitivity of the physical body, your consciousness may obtain a more attentive and professional controller that will not miss anything important or significant and will be able to kickstart all processes for recovery on time, give the command to eliminate the damage and quickly, almost unnoticeably, restore the entire system. As we know, professionals do not generally publish and parade their skills, but quietly do the job so that it seems that everything in their domain functions of its own accord.